Jax and Jen are Getting Married!

. The Venue .

cropped peacockHeaven’s Gate Venue is an oasis of calm in the concrete shopping and club district of Boksburg.

Along with a beautiful reception hall, we will be treated to scenes of interconnected streams and dams which house one of the most diverse collections of swans in the country.

Other birdlife to be seen include ducks, geese, cranes, white peacocks, parrots and even flamingos.

Our outdoor ceremony and indoor reception will be taking place on the same grounds as we aim to make life easier for everyone and frankly, with such a beautiful venue, why would we want to go anywhere else?

We are looking forward to sharing our special day with our guests at this amazing and unique venue.

Check out their website here.

cropped swans

. Meet the Wedding Party .

The Bride and Groom

Cropped - Jax and Jen

We met during our first year of LLB studies at the University of Pretoria in 2009 and have never looked back. Initially, the only reason why Jacky went to certain lectures was to charf Jen.

The past 6 years have been a fantastic adventure. We got through our studies (although we really miss our student lifestyle) and we have both been admitted as attorneys. We’ve had so much fun together but have also gone through heartache and tragedy, particularly over this past year, but everything we’ve faced, we’ve faced together.

We are so happy that this day is finally upon us and that we are able to share it with our guests, the people we love and care about.


Mother of the Bride: Elize WilliamsonCropped 1 Mom

Elize  grew up in Nelspruit and is a stay at home mom from Boksburg. She married Bernard Williamson on the 2nd of May 1987. She always puts her children first and would do just about anything for them. Once Elize starts planning something, you know that it will be a success. She loves cooking, baking and watching cop shows. She often talks to her pets as if they’re going to answer her.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A) Arrive at the wedding already drunk.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)

(A) Boy: Richard    Girl: Kimberley


Father of the Bride: Bernard WilliamsonCropped - dad

In true Bernard style, he played an instrumental part in the planning and organisation of the wedding, from the choice of the beautiful wedding venue (visiting quite a few venues in the process) to the décor. When Jacky took him and Elize out for dinner to ask them for Jenny’s hand in marriage, Bernard’s classic response was: “Yes, but if I were you, I would run for the hills!” Bernard was a great husband and father, he had a wealth of knowledge on most things and was a mentor to many people. In his leisure time, he thoroughly enjoyed braaing and entertaining his family and friends and was very involved in Charlie’s racing career.


Mother of the Groom: Christine HeCropped Christine

Christine was born and raised in Shanghai and has two older brothers. She studied textiles and fashion design at varsity. She married Charley in 1987 and they immigrated to South Africa in 1991. She has been in the clothing and fashion industry for over 20 years and is a workaholic of note. In her limited spare time, she loves shopping and cooking. When she retires (eventually), she wants to learn taichi and Chinese calligraphy.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Bruce    Girl: Vicky


Father of the Groom: Charley He

Charley was born in Sichuan (known as the chilli and giant panda province of China) and grew up in Beijing. During the compulsory army conscription, he was selected to go to the air force. He went on to study hydraulic engineering and was made a senior engineer at a relatively young age. As part of a state owned Chinese company visiting South Africa, he saw a lifestyle and business opportunity and decided to immigrate to South Africa. He has been in commerce for many years, mostly recently in the property business. Charley is a koi aficionado and is a man of leisure these days.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Roy    Girl: Sophia


Man of Honour: Charles WilliamsonCropped 1 Charles

Charles was born three years after Jenny. Finally, she had someone to boss around! As much as she bosses him around, Charles is always a voice of reason and always has good advice to offer. Charles loves motor racing. He also loves computer games and anime. He is extremely moral. He believes that everything is either black or white. Maybe that’s why he decided to study computer engineering, which he is completing at the University of Pretoria.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A) Throw up on the bride.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Jason    Girl: Sakura


Bridesmaid: Candice HoogenboschCropped - Candice

Jenny and Candice went to Wit Deep Primary school together but truly became friends in high school when they both attended Vryburger High. There are many stories Jenny could tell about their adventures together, but that would take forever! Candice loves animals and being right. She is fiercely loyal and protective over her friends. Candice is studying civil engineering at the University of Johannesburg.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A) Tackle the cake before the reception.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Kai    Girl: Rachel or Lilly


Bridesmaid: Dané KleynhansCropped Dane 2

We met Dané whilst studying at Tuks.  Interestingly, we started going out roughly around the same time as when Michael and Dane started dating, hence why they were our “besticle” couple throughout varsity. Dané is known as the angel that brought Michael back from the dark side of the force. She is currently a high school maths teacher, guiding the young minds of her students.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A) Wear white (Who in their right mind would do that??)

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

 (A) Boy: Shang li     Girl: Emily


Groomsman: Michael AlbertiCropped Berti

Jacky met Bertie back in High School at St John’s. They have remained close friends since then, with both of them having gone to Tuks for varsity. Bertie is known among many as a bit of a genius, both academically and in terms of his music capabilities, with most people within our friend group referring him as “doctor”. Bertie is currently a clinical research associate at ICON PLC (nobody really knows what a clinical research associate entails, but many suspect that he will save the world with the next miracle drug).

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A) Object to the marriage

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

 (A) Boy: Xiangliu    Girl: Nina


Groomsman: Michael KleynhansCropped 1 Michael

We met Michael whilst studying law at Tuks. Although it could be said that Michael hunted Jacky down because he was looking for an Asian friend (not very difficult seeing that Jacky was the only Asian guy studying law in their year). Michael is known for his infectious personality, his love for wolves and the German national football team. He is also a legal eagle, currently an associate attorney at the leading boutique corporate and commercial law firm Glyn Marais.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

 (A) Make a romantic pass at one of the bridal couple

 (Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

 (A) Boy: Michael    Girl: Alice


Groomsman/Ring Bearer: Justin GowerCropped Justin

Justin was born in 2004 and has been wise cracking ever since. He is known by his family as the Professor and often reminds us of the Big Bang Theory’s Dr Sheldon Cooper.
Justin is a future Protea and enjoys playing cricket almost as much as his family enjoy watching him play. He likes watching animal planet and his favourite school subjects are arts & culture and history.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A)  Chase the ducks around

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Tristan / Kelvin    Girl: Saskia / Drisela


Flower Girl: Chu-Moné SchoemanCropped Chu-mone

Known by close friends and family as “Chumi”, this gorgeous little diva enjoys dressing up and spending time with her boisterous older brothers. If there’s one thing she hates it’s a bad hair day (I mean who doesn’t right?). Interestingly Chumi’s mother, Charlene, was Elise Williamson’s flower girl and in turn Jenny was a flower girl at Charlene’s wedding. On the 3rd of October 2015 Chumi will continue this tradition as Jenny’s flower girl.


MC: Alan GowerCropped - Alan

Alan joined our family in 2004. He has enriched our family with his accounting and tax knowledge. He is a koi enthusiast who enjoys gardening and home improvement (much to his wife’s perturbation). He is very competitive and loves watching sports,  especially if it’s his young son, Justin, playing cricket.

(Q) What is the worst thing a wedding guest can do?

(A)  Try and outshine the bridal couple.

(Q) What should Jacky and Jenny name their children (boy & girl name)?

(A) Boy: Huang-fu    Girl: Genevieve


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